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11th January 2007

rhapsodyinpink2:49pm: Getting In.
Hey, I'm a junior in high school, and getting into Stanford is pretty much my dream for college, and who better to ask about what's required to get in than current students?

Anyway, I was wondering. I've been given this impression that only straight-A students, which I was until just now, get into Stanford. I have ONE B on my record, for my first semester Pre Calculus class. I was ranked one until now, and I don't know what the B shall do to my rank.

Does rank really matter a lot in getting into Stanford, and will having a B on my transcript affect my chances? Will the fact that I'm not number one anymore be a big problem?

I do love to write, I play piano, tennis, and I'm in several extracurriculars. But is it enough? :/

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Sorry if this seems like spam~feel free to delete it if necessary!
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1st January 2006

wangerang4:47am: WooT?
Everyone getting back on the 8th, we should have a belated new years party. That would be awesome.

-Jason of Larkin

8th November 2005

esoteric_me2:02pm: possible transfer
hi, I'm currently a freshman at Northwestern University and am considering transfering out next year. one of the places I'm looking at is of course Stanford. I'm just wondering if you guys could give me your impressions of the place since the two months that you've been there. I'd especially like to hear if you think the school is too small/big, how political the students are (the more, the better!), what people do on weekends, and how intense the workload is. also, are people super competitive to the point of being annoying (::cough:: Northwestern ::cough::)? Any other input would be much appreciated too!



3rd September 2005

lorn_hecate5:47pm: does anyone have their stanford email address yet?
megaho5:53pm: poboxes
ok, so i figured out how to find your PObox number
axess --> personal info --> change addresses

click on change a future address. it says that your mailing address will change on 9/15. follow the link and it gives you your stanford mailing address.
now i'm trying to figure out which ihum i'm in. according to the orientation.stanford.edu, they posted them. hmm

1st September 2005

apehead5:23pm: So...trying to find my PO box # on axess without luck. Anyone else find theirs?

31st August 2005

pure_chastity10:10pm: So I chanced upon this today:


25th August 2005

blind2grind3:36pm: Resident Agreement
For anyone who won't be 18 by September 5th and got the whole resident agreement pamphlet mailed to them...

In the lower left of the card we're supposed to fill out, it says to Read the reverse side of this card before completing the section below. The reverse side of my card is wonderfully blank. Now, there are only two boxes that you can check, and the other one isn't applicable to frosh, so it's not a big deal, but I was just curious if yours were like that too.

19th August 2005

pandorassox4:18pm: Reading Assignment
This is for people who have not yet received their housing/reading assignment packets. Tell me if you all already know this stuff, and I'll delete it.

I'm all set to room in Alondra (East FloMo), but I heard on the Yahoo group that this reading assignment is for all freshmen. Let me know if you guys hear differently.

M Butterfly by David Henry Hwang
Annie John by Jamaica Kincaid
Old School by Tobias Wolff

(Actually, the Yahoo group and my letter alike said "Jamaica Kincaid by Annie John," but I'm fairly sure that was a mistake.) They say you can choose to read just one, but they "strongly encourage" you to read all three, as they are very short. During Orientation, we the three authors will talk about their work, and afterwards each dorm will discuss them.

Also, if you're in SLE, they
suggest that you get a head-start on your SLE assignments by reading the Bhagavad Gita (translated by Barbara Stoller [sic] Miller), Homer's Odyssey (translated by Stanley Lombardo), and Genesis in the New Oxford Annotated Bible with Apocrypha, 3rd edition. Although not required reading, Edith Hamilton's Mythology is an excellent resource for Fall Quarter. You can buy the appropriate editions of these books at the Stanford Bookstore or perhaps at a book store in your community, but, in the meantime, any reasonable translation will do. Read these texts critically, interrogate them without mercy, and come to SLE with questions and ideas that you want to discuss with both students and faculty.

18th August 2005

thebaker948:12pm: Rooms!
From the Yahoo group, via the Facebook:

1. Log into axess.stanford.edu
2. Click on the finances tab.
3. Scroll all the way down to the "R&DE application" button and click it.
4. In the new window, click "View/Respond to Assignment."
5. Select the term and submit.

And there you have it! I'm in Donner... hows about youse guys?

16th August 2005

bigmouthcourage5:28pm: has anybody been able to find chem32 or stats62 in the bulletin? /c the ap table says i'm placed in them yet i can't find them!! boo. oh and are people bringing a year's supplies of toilettries aka pads, razors, toothbrush, toothpaste, contact lense solution or are you guys planning to buy as you run out? sigh i feel so very behind on this getting stuff/knowing what i'm bringing thing.

12th August 2005

blind2grind10:21pm: Okay, to all SPOTters out there:

I am flying into SJC at approx 1:30pm on September 13th. Is anybody else getting in around that time and would like to be bus/shuttle/train/hang gliding/whatever buddies? Of course, this is assuming that my flight isn't late and I don't miss my layover at DFW... Which seems to happen all too frequently...

9th August 2005

staticsoliloquy1:08pm: SLE kids
Anyone in here sign up for SLE other than me and dystopic? Put it as their #1 choice?

6th August 2005

mingledyarn3:03pm: Thinking about classes... it's so overwhelming because I want to take like 28935783 classes and I'm sort of coming to terms with the fact that I can't do everything i want to; I will have to choose (and probably stop studying spanish :( ). I'm so indecisive (I was one of the people who chose stanford a half hour before the post office closed on may 2). 3ish classes/quarter really isn't a lot... especially when you take into account IHUM and everything.

and, anyone else doing SPOT?
I'm doing the homelessness/poverty in the bay area one.

Hope you are all enjoying your summers!

11th July 2005

andshelikeshats5:03pm: Harry Potter!
Okay, it's 11:40 pm here, and I cannot WAIT to get my greedy fingers on the HBP. Anyone else anxiously waiting these last few hours for the release? I'm waking up bright and early tomorrow to snatch my copy before everyone else :D

10th July 2005

staticsoliloquy2:55am: i am so late!!!!!!
Date of Birth:
Favourite Food: Thai/Japanese
If the moon were made of barbeque spare ribs, would you eat it??: if it were ahi tuna or salmon, yes!
Favourite Movies: Serendipity, My Sassy Girl, Amelie, Patch Adams, Wedding Planner, Monster INC, The Incredibles, A Beautiful Mind, Good Will Hunting, About a Boy, Mean Girls, Finding Nemo
Favourite Books/Reading Material: Joy Luck Club, Awakening, Bell Jar, Picture of Dorian Gray, Pride & Prejudice, Demian, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Death of a Salesman, The Metamorphosis, The Bluest Eyes, Tuesdays with Morrie, Wade's Organic Chemistry
Favourite Musique: Disney, Simple Plan, Matchbox 20, Beyonce, Savage Garden, John Mayer, ben jelen, beyonce, britney spears, ciara, dido, gwen stefani, jagged edge, jesse mccartney, josh groban, lifehouse
Stuff you like to do: read, movies, be emo, hang out, eat out, shopp, naps, research.
Why you're going to Stanford: flexibility
Intended Major: Hum Bio, Psych
Strangest thing you can think of about yourself: Anyone who knows me wouldn't be able to stop at one.
reason for AIM sn: reflects my silent and reflective thoughts.
when you got your acceptance letter, the first words out of your mouth were: "AHHHHHHHHH!!!"
what makes you most nervous/excited/anxious about the farm: Meeting passionate people!

27th June 2005

kimberly872:59am: Name: Kimberly J
Date of Birth: Sept 2, 1987
Hometown: cincinnati, OH, but los angeles for my first 11 years
AIM SN: Kimkwin
Favourite Food: cuban. no good cuban in cincinnati, lemme tell you.
If the moon were made of barbeque spare ribs, would you eat it??: I'm too short :-(
Favourite Colour: blues are good
Favourite Movies: big fan of airplane! but also disney cartoons.
Favourite Books/Reading Material: why lie? harry potter.
Favourite Musique: classical because I'm a big loser :-)
Stuff you like to do: sing opera, play piano, talk online until all hours of the night, and enough math to make anyone sick
In a Mortal Kombat Style Tournament between the presidents, who would win?: ummm teddy roosevelt, no question
Why you're going to Stanford: attatched to california, weakness for big-name schools
Intended Major: math or mathematical & computational science or maybe music.
Favourite Dinosaur: never been too big on dinosaurs. I'll get back to you.
Hooking the campus visitng thing?: prom was the same weekend, and I let my silly girliness get to me...I don't regret it though
reason for AIM sn: nickname from elementary school that I hated
when you got your acceptance letter, the first words out of your mouth were: "holy crap!" and I never ever swear, even like that, so it was crazy.
what makes you most nervous/excited/anxious about the farm: what if I can't handle it?
Strangest thing you can think of about yourself: what kind of blonde soprano is also a math geek?!
Anything else: what's this about extra email addresses? and the facebook thing as well.
Ohh, and post a picture of yourself too if you want?
sorta big, don't feel like editing right nowCollapse )

ok, so, friend me if you want, I'll friend you back. it'll be fun.

22nd June 2005

sunburnedlove7:57pm: just checkin' in
so i'm starting to get psyched for the fall already, though i'm definitely enjoying the summertime. just wanted to say hi and link to my facebook profile. check it out - Facebook me!
Current Mood: bouncy

13th June 2005

apehead9:28pm: eep.
um, I was a little late with my forms for mailing, I sent them a frantic email, and I got this really frosty reply about "in future, planning ahead" and now I feel all sad because I have soiled my first real interaction with the university, anyhoo did anyone else have issues?

30th May 2005

stargirlx4:51pm: Hey!
Alright, so I can't be an active member of the community, see as I'm not going to Stanford next year (for reasons which you will soon learn.) I've lived on campus my whole life, it's REALLY nice here (but it's only good for me to get out, ya know? I'm actually going to GWU next year I can't wait!) But I wanted to say congrats to everyone who is coming here next year and let you know that if you have any questions about life around this town in general—where to go, fun things to do, weather, anything!—let me know. princessallison@aol.com enjoy the rest of senior year and the summer!

21st May 2005

thebaker945:22pm: Stanford Email
What are most people using as their Stanford email address, first initial-last name?

17th May 2005

dystopic1513:05pm: Nice to meet you all! See you in a few months.

Name: Stuart B.
Date of Birth: 2/3/87
Hometown: Toronto, Canada (I live in Santa Barbara, CA now)
AIM SN: zephyrwind152
Favourite Food: CHINESE
If the moon were made of barbeque spare ribs, would you eat it??: perhaps. but then we wouldn't have the tides.
Favourite Colour: dark blue. but red i suppose too now.
Favourite Movies: Lost in Translation, Memento, Matrix 1 and 2, Monsoon Wedding, Hotel Rwanda, Goodbye Lenin!, Before Sunrise, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hero
Favourite Books/Reading Material: The Metamorphosis, Jane Eyre, Love in the Time of Cholera, Heart of Darkness, A Fine Balance, The Belljar, etc.
Favourite Musique: Radiohead, Death Cab, INTERPOL, Air, Postal Service, Decemberists, Franz Ferdinand, Mars Volta, At the Drive-In, Thursday, Rage, Strokes, the Stills, Lush, the Get Up Kids, Beastie Boys, THE ARCADE FIRE, AFI, ...And you will know us by the trail of the dead, Beck, the Anniversary, etc.
Stuff you like to do: reading, movies, being existential, hanging out, eating good food,
In a Mortal Kombat Style Tournament between the presidents, who would win?: No-one can touch JFK, no matter how bad his back was.
Why you're going to Stanford: Because it's awesome.
Intended Major: Political Science and Econ, probably.
Favourite Dinosaur: Brontosaurus
Hooking the campus visitng thing?: Admit Weekend was fun
Strangest thing you can think of about yourself: Anyone who knows me wouldn't be able to stop at one.
reason for AIM sn: a RHCP song I like.
when you got your acceptance letter, the first words out of your mouth were: "STANFORD!!!!"
what makes you most nervous/excited/anxious about the farm: Having my ass kicked by kids smarter than me.

16th May 2005

sillymillie2:46am: Halloo!

I was wondering how I could find my stanford email. Yeah, I'm sure I could find it out on my own after digging though papers/their website, but really? This is much better. Faster, and gives me an excuse to wave. *waves* mmm.. survey thing looks long.. I'll be back I guess. :)

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